Superhighways is  looking for 2 students for a 5 week work placement starting after half-term.

Video production assistant

Role is to support 2 projects in Kingston Voluntary Action deliver 30 second sound byte interviews and upload to Connected Kingston Health and Wellbeing web.

Location: Based at Superhighways office in Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Road, Kingston KT2 6LX

Hours: Office hours - 9am - 5pm

Duration: 1 day per week for 5 weeks



You will be involved in discussion around the producting mini case studies and your contributions will be welcomed.  You will be responsible for  creating a simple story board for each interview. Your skills are important but equally important is your ability to work closely with members of staff and fellow students to ensure we have a positive and collaborative working environment.


Capturing interviews of local people in community locations - outdoor filming might be required. Each mini film will have a member of KVA/Superhighways staff whose role will invole interviewing and directing filming shots.  Your input and suggestions will be valued support to the director.


There will be a number of short meetings to review the recordings and discussion around how best to edit the case study.  You will be asked to source additional assests to add to the video e.g photos, logos and other assets.  

Post production

Publishing to the Connected Kingston You Tube account after sign off

Filming Venues

Multiple locations across the borough

About you

 We are a small team and are looking for students who are proactive,  able to work to a brief and proficient at using video editing software. We are looking for someone who can work quickly and efficiently at all stages of production. And someone who can work in a variety of community settings in sometimes less than perfect filming locations. You will need to be a team player and work closely with members of staff as well as the other student on placement.  



  • Filming using mobile phone or tablet
  • Or using screen capture software

EDITING - variety of appropriate editing tools

Knowledge of how to edit video and add captions  to create a compelling narrative in under a minute. We use Filmora to edit and training will be provided to familiarise you with the software.  You will also need to know how to add additional content e.g add in additional audio recording or client photos.


Ability to work closely with the identified member of staff who is leading on/directing the video. 

KVa/Superhighways will provide references after your placement.