We're on a mission to help small charities and community groups gain essential digital and data skills backed by the right tech to achieve their goals.

Because we believe in strong, adaptable communities confidently using data and digital to meet their needs and aspirations.


Our approach

Our approach is value driven and lived in the way we deliver our services and activities. We are:

  • Relationship centred: we build meaningful relationships based on respect, honesty and care
  • Capability-minded: we are approachable and patient, encouraging learning by doing, where no question is a silly question
  • Committed to value: we meet people and teams where they are, finding the most appropriate and forward-thinking solutions
  • Enthusiastically curious: we are always discovering new techniques and tools, offering engaging ways of learning and bringing fun and playfulness to all we do
  • Community spirited: we foster collaboration and togetherness, connecting people with shared experiences for the good of the whole community, leading when appropriate


Meet the team

People who care about people - and what communities can achieve with digital.

Superhighways is a highly skilled team, qualified in a range of technical and creative disciplines.


Photo of Kate White

The Wonder Woman of the team, there isn't much Kate can't do. Leading our merry band, Kate spots new business opportunities, fundraises and manages Superhighways' projects and wonderful relationships.

When not analysing small charity data and planning how to make the world a digitally better place she's a foodie, out on the hunt for some great London grub with her young family. 

Kate White



Photo of Sorrel Parsons

Bubbly and confident on a world stage or in the classroom, Sorrel takes a lead on advising and training community organisations to better demonstrate their impact and designing websites. She's a huge fan of making digital work on a shoestring budget.

She's also a fan of travel, discovering new recipes to share with friends and horse-riding. 

Sorrel Parsons

Digital Adviser & Training Manager


Photo of Colin Cregan

Our IT guru oversees the good, bad and ugly of small charity technology. Calm and collected, you can find him teaching someone Office 365 tricks at the same time as handling a server migration.

Colin Cregan

Tech Support Team Lead


Photo of Nine Htet

The zen master of technical support, Nine's patience is legendary in community organisations across London. Nine knows that there is always a solution to a hardware or software challenge. He smiles in the face of scary looking cabling.   

Helping clients is Nine's day job. By night and weekend he is 'Techero' - exploring nature yet checking the accuracy of GPS and Google maps.

Nine Htet

Specialist Tech Support


Alice Linell

If you're lost in data darkness you have our guiding light Alice to help you on your journey. With extensive and varied experience in both the corporate and charity sectors, Alice knows how to help organisations of all sizes use technology to revolutionise the way they collect, store and use data for good.

When not shining a light on the best in digital for Superhighways she enjoys spending time with her family including technically superior teenage kids!

Alice Linell

Data and Evaluation Adviser


Photo of Clare Chamberlain

Clare is our ray of sunshine that helps staff and volunteers feel that great data collection and use is easily within their grasp.

When she’s not fearlessly making tricky spreadsheets behave, you’ll find Clare wild swimming with friends under a golden Devon sky. 

Clare Chamberlain

Data Support Adviser


Karen McLean, Data Support Adviser

Karen supports the power of community with her knowledge of systems and Excel. Her open, non-technical approach helps organisations make sense of their data, so they can get on with fighting for social justice.

When she’s not helping small groups build no code low code databases like Airtable, you’ll find Karen introducing her daughters to the delights of an ever-changing London.

Karen McLean

Data Support Adviser


Paul Firby, Tech Development Adviser

Email, websites, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, cyber security - Paul’s passion is for sharing his extensive tech wisdom, turning frowns upside down faster than you can say "cloud storage."

When he's not helping individuals and community groups chart a course through the digital unknown, you'll find him conquering local rivers by kayak or canoe.

Paul Firby

Tech Development Adviser


What we do

We help you to use technology, data and digital tools to help more people, fund your work and reach more supporters.


Pinwheel of services

 Get the advice, training and technical support you need to be more sustainble.

Our programmes

Website, person and data charts graphic

Our core areas of work focus on data and digital skills for staff and volunteers in small charities and community organisations, as part of our Stronger Voices (Realities of Poverty), Digital Foundations and Royal Borough of Kingston programmes.

We also helping to shape and build a data eco-system that can help unlock the potential of data for community use though Datawise London.

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Our impact

The facts, stats and stories of what works from the communities we've helped to make best use of digital.


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Our funders and partners

A huge thank you to the charities, businesses and techies that help us make the magic happen.

Special thanks go to our funders who think technology can make a big difference to the small organisations that work in local communities:


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Our partners on our Cornerstone Round 2 funded Datawise London programme: