Who knows about you - raise your profile

With the right knowledge and skills you can communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

Superhighways offers training and advice for your staff and volunteers to help you reach people who need your services and can support your brilliant work. 

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Photo shows there are a range of tools available to help you raise your profile

Digital tools that work

Thinking about sending an e-newsletter? Want to know how to create content for social media? Not sure which tool to choose for the job?

Superhighways is always looking for and testing free and low cost online tools and apps that can work for very small organisations. 

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Photo of Kate and Sorrel at LinkedIn offices

Sorrel and Kate at the LinkedIn offices getting some top tips

We can help you - say it with digital

From creating annual reviews to getting started with Mailchimp or putting together presentations you can share with your funders and commissioners, get in touch with Superhighways to talk about your needs.

If you need a new website we can help with that too.

Philippa giving one to one advice to Daisy

Philippa offers one-to-one advice to Daisy

Need to raise your profile and reach more people?

We can help you reach your beneficiaries and supporters by advising and training staff and volunteers. We can help you capture and communicate your success stories. You can also get a new website if you need one. Or perhaps you would like someone to come and talk to your trustee board about a communications strategy and plan?

Let us know what we can do for you.


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