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If you are running a small charity or community organisation, you are probably using some technology and the online world to help the people that you care about in your communities.

Laptops, mobile phones, sharing files, being in online meetings, inviting people to your online coffee and chat morning, WhatsApp groups, setting up a simple website, sending emails...there are so many ways that basic ‘digital’ infrastructure is helping you run your organisation.

Superhighways can help you decide which digital tools and technology best suits your needs.

We have also launched a new 60-minute training series, starting with cyber security.

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Working with other people and organisations online

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Collaborating with your group members, colleagues and people in other organisations in lots of different locations is more common in small organisations since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.

How you share documents, set up email accounts and store sensitive information safely and securely are some of the key things you need to think about when running your organisation.

But which tools and technology are the best to use? What if you’re not a charity and can’t get discounted products?

We’ll be helping grassroots groups, including refugee community organisations and small equalities groups make informed choices about digital and the gain the skills to make the best use of the tools they use through training and one-to-one support.

Running activities and engaging with your communities

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Digital tools like Whatsapp are useful for keeping your members and communities updated with relevant information, events and activities they can join.

Newsletters, social media and websites are other tools you may need.

And once people are attending your activities, hybrid events and meetings may help you run them for people in your community space and people in their own homes at the same time.

We’ll be exploring the best options for small groups to reach out and engage with people.

Do you need a website?

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If your community group does not have a website, there are website publishing platforms that you can use for free. We aim to assess these and help you to understand their use and benefits.

Superhighways helps small charities and community groups set up websites using Voice Online Communities.

If you’d like to join a cohort of other small groups to build your own website in 6-8 weeks with free training and lots of help along the way, please get in touch.

We can also review your existing website. 

Get in touch

If you are a small community group in London looking for help with digital that helps you run your organisation please email us.