Better Health Online for Kingston Residents

40 minute tour of how to use the NHS website and Connected Kingston. AND 1:1 Digital Skills Training

Superhighways basic digital skills trainer, Philippa Leary , is running the highly popular Better Health Online Health Information  course  for local charity and community groups in Kingston upon Thames.

The Better Health Online training is a guided tour of reputable health resources online - split between  how to use  the NHS website  and  how to connect with local activities and events via Connected Kingston.

Overview of the Better Health Online Health Information session 

Health Information - The presentation is interactive and signposts to these reputable sources of health information to help people get started using the sites. You don't need great digital skills to search either of these sites to find the information you need. And where health is concerned, even basic internet skills will  help anyone find  the answers to health questions on these sites  

Health Appointments Online. Many residents are still not signed up to this time-saving online service GPs offer. As a  result it becomes harder to get to see your GP and people are compelled to use  the overstretched 111 services as an emergency.

How to Book 

Email Philippa Leary or phone 020 8255 8040.

Booking Options 

  • Better Health Online Presentation  - online or face to face to your community group
  • 1:1 training in the basic digital skills required to access online health services. These can be online or face to face.  

Here is some feedback from the previous time Philippa ran this popular course.