1. Secure Passwords

How to create a secure password that means something to you so you won't forget it

Passwords are essential to using the Web and criminals have become very good at guessing them. This video teaches the risks and how to create a secure password and keep it secret, including:

  • Common risks related to passwords
  • Creating a secure password
  • Keeping your password secret
  • Risks of using shared computers



 2. Mobile Safety and Security

Staying safe and secure when you are out and about

We now depend on smartphones for access to our most sensitive information, so it’s more important than ever to keep them safe and secure. By learning a few simple practices, yoy can help protect them from being stolen, hacked or compromised by criminals. This video teaches:
  • Why keeping a smartphone safe and secure matters
  • How to use common security settings
  • How to prevent a phone from being stolen
  • How to prevent a phone from being hacked or infected with a virus
  • What you can do to keep your phone from being a target for criminals

Two Factor Authentication

Using it makes you twice as safe online

Passwords alone may not be enough to keep criminals from accessing your sensitive online accounts and causing serious problems. Using a simple analogy of an offline storage company, this video explains Two Factor Authentication and why it matters. It teaches:
  • Why you might need this extra second layer of security (called two factor authentication)
  • How two factor authentication works
  • How to enable two factor authentication on your accounts
  • What to expect when logging in with two factor authentication


4. What is a digital footprint? 

Tread carefully when you explore the net

Like footprints left in the sand our digital footprint leave evidence of what we do on apps and websites. This video explains the concept of digital footprints, why they matter and how to reduce the risk of digital footprints in the future.

The video explains:

  • What it means to have digital footprints
  • Why digital footprints are tracked and saved by organizations
  • What actions do you take that  leave digital footprints
  • How your digital footprints might  be used in the future
  • How to reduce the risks of digital footprints