Project outline and feedback

Get free support to use online digital health services by Superhighways

You can refer anyone who lives in Kingston to one-to-one training through Connected Kingston

We are offering one to one digital skills training to Kingston's residents to help : 

  • find reputable health information onlilne
  • usewebsite services like booking appointments online
  • sign up and use health and lifestyle apps

The easiest route to refer a client, a resident, a parent or a neighbour is to follow this link to Connected Kingston and click the Connect With Us button. 

Complete the secure form with their details and your own. We will do the rest.  

Managing Your Health Online

The Kingston Digital Health Hub project is funded by the Good Things Foundation. It is set up to help residents improve their health and wellbeing online. 

We are a flexible and friendly team of digital champions lead  by Philippa Leary, Superhighways Digital Tools Advisor and Connected Kingston Lead Trainer. 

We offer up to 3 sessions one to one training  sessions covering any of the following activites/skills:

  • set up and use email
  • sign up to view medical records
  • book, reschedule and manage appointments
  • use e-prescriptions
  • research treatments and management of health conditions online using the NHS website
  • find local social activities to improve health and wellbeing
  • use apps to manage a range of things from high blood pressure, low mood, losing weight, getting fit, giving birth......

Recently we started delivering a one hour session focusing on exploring the NHS website with questions and answers.

These informal health sessions are going well and you are welcome to contact us to arrange a session. After each session we offer one to one skills training and get everyone to try one course on the Learnmyway online learning platform.


There are 2 versions of the poster with information about the basic digital skills training we can offer in the one to one sessions.  Please contact us if you need any more promotional material. 

Kingston Digital Health Hub  - digital skills training

Kingston Digital Health Hub  - digital skills training - easy read

Background to the Project

In the UK, 11.9 million people  don’t have the essential digital skills needed to manage most aspects of living in a digital world. And of that number 5.3 million people have never been online.  Typical reasons people give for being offline are:

"It's not for me.... I lack support....It's too complicated...It's too expensive".

And the irony is that  being online can save money, offer practical as well as emotional support. It connects you to experts and sources of trustworthy information -  not to mention long lost friends and fun places to visit.