Training Focus

The focus for this training today was to  unpick the steps needed to use online shopping; and then to demonstrate how it works in practice.

Learners opted for a tour of Next website including skills to select items,  modify selection  (colour, size etc) and add to basket.

Improving Search Results 

The second part of the training session was to look into improving our learners' search skills. And then taking an in-depth look into some of the large websites that are set up to support people looking for advice, information and cost savings e.g Groupon and Moneysaving Expert. This session was surprisingly very popular - especially the concept of simple modifications to search criteria to return better results from Google.

Additional resources

Name that Icon  - older people have no visual reference points for online icons to help them decode some of the functions of a website.  This resource highlights the icons and their functions - good for warm up discussion.