Superhighways successfully applied to the Good Things Foundation to manage the distribution of sim cards to Kingston residents.

If you are a charity or a community group delivery services in Kingston upon Thames, you can apply for unlimited data sim cards for your clients/members or supporters.

The key criteria are :

  • Over 18 years old
  • Resident in the borough and
  • Living in a low income household.

Check out the full criteria on the application form -

How the Project Works

We are working with Kingston's community groups; statutory sector; and other health partners to get the data to the people who need it.

As a member of a community group/charity or working for statutory and/or health services you can refer up to 5 people at one time.  There is no time limit between applications.

Check out the full criteria on the application form -

About the Data

There are 3 different Services providers, and we pass on  which ever sim cards we have in stock.  When the 6 month period has expired, you can apply for another sim card for your client/local resident. Please note we cannot accept applications directly from residents, you need to ask a local charity to refer you.  Follow this link to our charity and community group register to find a charity you would like to find out more about.  

How do I apply

Complete the nomination form. Follow this link to start nominating

How many people can I nominate?

You can nominate up to 5 residents at one time on the form. We aim to get back to you within 5 working days after receipt of  completed form.

Taking Receipt of Sim Cards

Once we have received your nominations, we will be in touch to work out what the best way is to get the sim cards to your organisation. 

Useful Resources

Here is a list or step by step resources that you can download/ print out to support staff help people put the new sims in.  You can also share useful tips like how to check their data allowance and port(move) their old phone number across to the new sim.

Data Allowances

  • Vodaphone data is 20 GB - refreshed every month automatically for 6  months 
  • Three network data allowance is 10 GB - refreshed every month automatically for 6 months.
  • Virgin 02 data is 7 GB - refreshed automatically via a voucher for 5 months. After the first month - you will receive a voucher code from us to text to Virgin 02 to add you to their donation scheme and your data will automatically update  for the next 5 months.

We are in the process of creating some simple resources to help you to support your referee to fit the new sim card and what steps to take before removing the old sim. Resources are being added daily.


Project co-ordinator Philippa Leary can be contacted by email  Philppa works Monday - Thursday and will be onsite at Kingston Voluntary Action every Tuesday.