Partnership for Children is a small charity based in Kingston -upon-Thames that helps children to be mentally and emotionally healthy – just as exercise, good food and sleep help them to be physically healthy. Their programmes have given vital skills for life to over 1.6 million children in more than 30 countries around the world.

Sharing their work using video was becoming increasingly important. So staff attended Superhighways' training, Tiny Films, Big Impact. Here's what Hannah Craig, Project Manager had to say:


We were keen to improve and expand our audio-visual work but did not really know where to start.


We had outdated professional films and had started collecting newer video content but did not have the skills or knowledge to put together good quality short videos to grow awareness of our work or demonstrate impact.

Superhighways’ Tiny Films Big Impact training was a great opportunity to hear about a variety of different applications (importantly, free or low cost!) and accessories for filmmaking and start practising creating our own app-based films.

The training gave us many ideas for utilising different types of videos and the qualities of a good story.

The training definitely encouraged us to be creative with filmmaking and realise that authentic content is more valued than perfect professional films.

It was very helpful to be in a small group where we could receive one to one support if needed and the interactive side of the training allowed us to put our new film making skills into practice!

Following the training, we purchased recommended microphones and camera equipment and I shared my learning with the rest of team. We practiced the tips and tricks covered in the training for capturing good quality videos so all of us are able to collect content on the go.

We have gone on to create a number of short videos to demonstrate the impact of our work through interviews with stakeholders.

We used our training in Adobe Spark to create the videos, cropping and editing clips as well as adding transitions, music and text. The videos were featured on our social media and have been included in reports to funders.


 An example of a video made with Adobe Spark


Being a small charity with limited capacity, we did not have the time to research different options for filmmaking or a budget to hire professional filmmakers. The training has really improved our skills and confidence in filmmaking and we have many ideas to grow our audio-visual work.

We would definitely recommend the training to other small charities.

It reminded us how powerful videos can be and how important they are in communication with supporters and the public.


Training to help you make short videos 

Tiny Films, Big Impact training will be run again in Autumn 2019 in Kingston for health and wellbeing charities and community organisations. Register your interest today to take part.