Kew Neighbourhood Association is a very small charity in Kew. It supports about 180 clients who have mobility difficulties and matches them to over 100 volunteers who shop, drive, befriend and do light gardening.

In the last 18 months Superhighways has offered advice and implementation support for a new database, data collection and new website (yet to be launched).


Help to choose the right database

Abi is the co-ordinator of this service and she matches up KNA clients with volunteers, scheduling essential trips and outings for both. With such a large number of people and volunteers to keep track of, on a weekly basis, Abi approached Superhighways to see if we could advise on the best database to manage everyone's contact details, availablity and requirements.


Our advice - go with Lamplight

Lamplight is an online database system designed to be scalable and flexible. You set the fields you need. You choose the modules that will suit you best, and you can scale the system up or down as your organisation grows or your needs change.

It is specifically aimed at helping SME with a focus on charities and can cost as little as £15 per month. It was the right fit for Kew Neighbourhood Association.

Superhighways' training is about learning AND connecting

As many of our attendees find the networking opportunities that come out of our training sessions can be as useful as the skills themselves. 

Impact Aloud 2016 was one of these turning points for Kew Neighbourhood Association.

Abi approached Jude Habib ,CEO and Founder of the amazing Sounddelivery. Jude was presenting one of our masterclass workshops titled 'Harness the power of first-hand storytelling' .

It's aim was to explore the art of storytelling and how organisations can give a voice to the people they support, with real-life examples of charities that have used first hand storytelling successfully.  Abi could immediately see how this approach could transform the way KVA recruits its volunteers.


"So after the brilliant session was over,  I walked up to Jude and just asked her if she ever worked with any groups as small as Kew Neighbourhood Association. And she said YES she did!"

Abi now takes up the story of the last 18 months through applying for funding and then setting up the 3 projects needed to train volunteers to capture real life stories, a re-branding for the organisation and a new website.



If you would like advice with funding for technology or database implementation contact Kate White for further information.