“Superhighways delivered an engaging and well-designed event.  Digital leadership is a big topic to cover in a short session but using the new charity digital code, they highlighted key areas that  leaders of small charities need to be thinking about.  Crucially they helped delegates identify next steps for their organisations.” 

Julie Gavin, Service Coordinator – Advice & Training, Richmond CVS


We were very excited to start our Digital Leadership 101 programme at RCVS's trustee and CEO network meeting on 4th February. 

Our aims for the training were to look at the challenges facing small community groups in terms of digital leadership and changes to everyday practice.  We believe everyone working to lead a charity or community groups needs to be aware of  a 'new reality'


"Digital has to be embraced across the whole organisation – digital leadership isn’t a strategy that sits off to one side…




Pledge to Support the Charity Digital Code of Practice

We asked all attendees to pick the areas of the Charity Digital Code of Practice that they felt they could implement with their trustee board.  

76% pledged to "Access additional resource on developing my organisation's use of digital."

Evidence of need 

We asked our group of trustees  about the levels of help they might need to move their charity forward with digital.  The questions we asked were based on the 7 core values of the Charity Digital Code of Practice and to collect the data, we used one of our abiding favourite on line tools - Mentimeter.   

 As you will see from the slide above, the greatest levels of support identified by trustees would be needed with skills so that digital skills represented at all levesls of the charity. And there was an interesting consensus around both needing support to make stakeholders/members the starting point for everything done digitally as well as support with making changes to values, behaviours and ways of working to create the right environment to succeed with digital.


What insights did you get from our training?


  • What digital leadership is.  Prompting me to think more carefully and ambitiously about digital can help
  • What other charities are doing,  What challenges they are facing to tackle digital
  • Everyone's insights showing the clear need to embed digital for the future
  • Just the chance to THINK about digital
  • An awareness of charity digital code

What did you find most helpful about the session?


Working sessions on digital code. Insight into digital code and what can be achieved with digital leadership
Understanding the 7 digital principles
“Working sessions on digital code. Insight into digital code and what can be achieved with digital leadership
"Everyone's insights showing the clear need to embed digital for the future."
"I valued the discussions on our table and space to focus and think."


Key Actions to take forward from this training


  • identify efficiencies. Plan to help employees/users identify how digtial technology is relevant to helping us move forward.
  • Using digital resources to analyse the demographics of people buying tickets.
  • Keep building "followers" on social Media platforms. Delve deeper into capabilities of our website to enhance usability.
  • I'll encourage CEO's to carry out this discussion/workshop at all levels to test the need for going more digital and how best we would  benefit from it.
  • Develop a digital strategy.
  • Talk to staff at staff meeting about ideas for use of digital. 

This workshop was run as part of Superhighways' Digital Leadership 101 programme funded by DCMS . You can read more about the project from this link.