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Superhighways offers a data literacy programme for small charities and community groups thanks to Trust for London.

Small charities and community groups need to evidence the impact of poverty and inequality in their communities to influence social change. One of the best ways to achieve this is by gaining the right skills and tools to capture, analyse and present data effectively.

Although there are some resources and toolkits available, smaller organisations need hands on practical training and support to embed new ways of working, provided at a level appropriate to their capacity and resource, and that can realistically be implemented.

Smaller organisations working to alleviate poverty also need support to better capture and highlight the voice of those with lived experience of poverty as part of their evidence base for campaigning and influencing. Whether this leads to better work, decent living standards, good homes and neighbourhoods or pathways to settlement.

Otherwise, these stories and the realities of poverty will be left untold, and will not be funded, addressed or ultimately be resolved.

We know that better use of data often depends on digital knowledge and skills, which we are addressing through both our Realities of Poverty and Digital Foundations programmes.

Develop your data skills to evidence need and influence change