Instagram for Charities. James Armstrong - Montfort

In this session, you'll learn how to build a flourishing Instagram channel,
create amazing content your supporters love, see how other charities are using Instagram and understand how Instagram Stories and Paid Advertising can help boost your results.

Photo of James


How to Create a Practical Theory of Change in 7 Steps Matt Kepple  -  CEO, Markerble Impact Hub

This hands-on session will take the mystery out of "theory of change" and enable you to unlock your own expertise around the difference your programmes make. By the end of the session you will have a set of outcomes and indicators you can use to measure the impact of one of your programmes. You will have the tools to repeat the exercise for the rest of your work.  

Picture of Matt Kepple


Advanced Digital Marketing. Matt Moorut, Head of Digital & Marketing - Tech Trust 

In this masterclass, Matt will run through some of the best platforms available to help charities connect with as many supporters as possible. This will be a participatory session, and we’ll be looking for discussion with the audience to select the best-of-breed tools for charities – be that for web tracking, A/B testing, social advertising, or anything else!

Photo of Matt Moorut


Data visualisation: What’s it all about? Katy Murray - Communications Manager, New Philanthropy Capital

Charities are increasingly keen to use data visualisation to communicate quickly and creatively with different audiences. But data visualisation can vary from the simple to the complex. And while infographics and interactives are everywhere, they take time and resources to produce. This session will go back to basics, looking at the principles of good data visualisation. It will walk through some useful ways of structuring your approach to data visualisation, and signpost tools to help.  

Picture of Katy from NPC


Data Essentials. Hannah Goulding - Civil Society Data Officer, GLA and Natasha Codiroli Mcmaster - Data and Intelligence Co-ordinator, London Plus 

This session will aim to cover some of the core principles which should be used when working with data at all stages of the data journey; collection, analysis and presenting data. We will share some key pitfalls to avoid when working with data, and share best practice top tips when drawing conclusions, identifying your data’s limitations and presenting data findings.

Photo of Hanna and Natasha


Digital Service Design. Tori Ellaway & Vala Petursdottir - CAST (Centre for Acceleration of Social Tech)

What is digital service design? And why do charities need it? CAST will showcase examples of past projects and share top tips that can be specifically applied to small charities. Law Centres Network join CAST to talk about their development of a new SMS tool they’ve developed, shortly to be released for charity use across the UK. In this fun and upbat session you'll come away with some useful techniques for planning your own service.

Photo of Tori and Vala from CAST


Online Fundraising - Reaching New Audiences Online. Conor Kelly - Partnerships & Programmes Manager, Localgiving 

This masterclass will show how groups can demonstrate their impact online and convert online supporters into donations.

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Storytelling for Impact. Janine Edwards - Head of Consultancy & Development, The Foundation for Social Improvement

This session will provide examples and best practice in demonstrating the impact your charity has through stories as well as data, and how to use this to enhance relationships with a range of donors from regular givers, through to trusts and foundations, local government and corporates.

It will present case studies and share ideas and tips that highlight innovative ways to develop relationships and secure support for your organisation and its vital work.

Picture of Katy from NPC


Reframing Poverty - Four Ways to Create Change. Tamsyn Hyatt - Communications Strategist, Frameworks Institute 

We have incredible power as storytellers. The stories we tell - and how we tell them - in turn shape how people think, feel and are willing to act. This masterclass shares insight from the social sciences and a two-year research project on how we can tell a new story about poverty in the UK - alongside a 101 introduction to framing for impact and social change.

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Smartphone Photography 101. Lee Townsend - Freelance Photographer

This workshop is designed to enhance the ability of third sector workers to communicate their organisation’s story through images. Today’s compact cameras & mobile phones equip us with the ability to capture and share amazing high quality photos with a camera that we carry with us, every day. During the session you will gain the skills and knowledge to produce high quality, creative images that will take your photographs to a whole new level.


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Interviewing for video or audio. Tot Foster - Researcher, Open University

We know that stories are powerful. We know there are amazing stories about the lives of our service users, and the impact our organisation has made. But how do you approach interviewing someone to record their story on video or audio? In this practical workshop we will cover different types of interview, we will interview each other to find stories, and then practice asking questions to illicit answers suitable for editing as audio or video.


Photo of Tot Foster, speaker at Impact Aloud 2018


How AI techniques can support improved outcomes for clients of a Yorkshire foodbank. Tracey Gyateng, DataKindUK & Andrew Tomlinson, The Welcome Centre

DataKind UK (pro-bono data scientists) and The Welcome Centre (a small foodbank based in Huddersfield) created a model to predict which clients are likely to need additional support services. Tracey and Andrew will outline how this was achieved, and how other charities can use AI techniques within their own services.  

Photo of Tracey and Andrew



We'll also be running a range of product demonstrations at Impact Aloud.

Find out how to turn your outcomes data into intelligent service insights with help from a set of unique cloud-based tools. You’ll be helped to source the London data you need and see how a new SMS platform could revolutionise the way you communicate with your beneficiaries and supporters.



A powerful Geographic Information System and web mapping platform, you can connect your data to Carto to create a powerful map to evidence need, analyse what’s working and make smart decisions on how to adapt your services.

Speaker: Mor Rubenstein, Data Labs Manager, 360Giving


Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft business analytics service that you can use to create interactive visual reports and dashboards. Access via your Office 365 account or download the desktop app for free. 

Speaker: Jen Stirrup, Owner, Data Relish


London Datastore

The London Datastore is  a free and open data-sharing portal  where anyone can access data relating to the capital. The site provides over 700 datasets to help you understand the city and develop solutions to London’s problems. 

Speaker: Hannah Goulding, Civil Society Data Officer, Greater London Authority (GLA) 


New SMS Platform

Law Centres Network have developed a new SMS texting service to stay in touch with their clients. It will soon be launched for use by charities throughout the UK.

Speaker: Julie Bishop, Director, Law Centres Network