VCSS Camp 8 London

On Monday 23rd of April, Superhighways collaborated with RnR Organisation to bring VCSS Camp to City Hall, London.  Over 40 London based voluntary sector infrastructure organisations and tech friends attended on the day, and the question on all the delegates' minds was: 


How can we use digital & data to work smarter, reach more people and have a greater impact?


VCSS Camp is an unconference - there is no set plan or agenda before the day starts - just a time and a place to meet up and the 'magic happens.  Everyone has questions they want to ask; a  tip about the latest 'new thing' they want  to share; and many thoughts about how things could be done better.  Every idea is proposed, pitched to the delegates, categorised into themes by the organisers  and every one sets off to the different discussion rooms.


Here's the crowdsourced agenda from the day

photo of agenda


A great series of discussions followed - you can find out more in our Wakelet roundup


Thanks to our amazing sponsors - we've had great feedback already and people getting in touch to discuss ideas for new ways of doing things with digital.


VCSS Camp sponsor logos