Where is the power in data? held on 1 December, curated by Superhighways, aimed to help you learn key skills in communicating community data, sharing your knowledge and amplifying your voices to influence change whenever and wherever you can.


Keynote speaker, Trust for London

Johanna Cronin, Head of Communications at Trust for London, joined us to share how Trust for London fund organisations to use and share data and the voice of lived experience to influence change.

Understanding power to work in deeper solidarity for social change

Sheila McKechnie Foundation masterclass on how you can use a Power Lens to mitigate its risks in our everyday working lives.

Discovering gender inequality in London's data

Women's Budget Group share how to access data on women’s economic inequality without being swamped by the numbers.

A simple four-stage recipe for using data to deliver compelling narratives

James Bowles shows us how to communicate a clear data story to multiple audiences in his masterclass.

Winning hearts and minds - getting the John Lewis Christmas ad effect

In this brief introduction to strategic communications, Equally Ours explain how leading with the values we all share can help change people’s hearts and minds about important social issues, and how even the smallest charity can use this to paint a picture of a better world that inspires peoples’ support.

Communicating statistics

In this masterclass, Full Fact share their experience and insights into how you can make effective and accurate use of data for your campaigns.

Measuring digital success

Lightful's masterclass offers an introduction to social media, email and website metrics to help you measure your digital goals and act on your insights.

Small Charity Showreel

Hear from three local stars shining a light on the needs of Londoners through lived experience and their data.

The Citizens Advice cost of living dashboard

Citizens Advice share what their data is telling them about the crisis and how we can use it to advocate for change.

Media monitoring matters

Gemma Pettman PR masterclass reveals how following the news can help you lead conversations. Gemma also shares free and low cost media monitoring methods you can use straight away.

Introduction to participatory action research

Partnership for Young London's masterclass talks through your toolkit for involving your community in research. There's a focus on work with young people, yet tips for any community organisation that want to run a participator action research programme.

Using insight to effectively engage MPs

nfpResearch masterclass asks what do MPs really think about charities and how this should inform your work?

The changemaker's toolkit

mySociety's masterclass shares how you can use their free and valuable tools and services to supercharge your campaigns and influencing work.

Need some help?

If you are a small charity or community group that is funded by Trust for London, or wants to focus on influencing change through your use of data or power of lived experience please get in touch.