Small charity technology experts, Superhighways, are launching a practical Digital Leadership 101 programme of training and advice for leaders of charities and community organisations across London, with new funding from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

A thought-provoking series of workshops for trustee and director level networks, on-site training for trustee boards and one-off advice sessions for trustees will explore how small charity digital leaders can develop their organisation’s digital capability within the framework of the newly launched Charity Digital Code of Practice.

Superhighways’ unique partnership with London Plus, The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) and National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) will produce a range of digestible resources and success stories to share with CEOs and trustees in London’s local communities and throughout the UK.

Superhighways is one of 13 projects in the UK to receive the recently awarded Department of Culture, Media and Sport funding, which aims to champion technology as a force to change lives for the better, increase engagement between the social and tech sectors and ensure charities understand how they can use technology to achieve their mission.


Kate White, Manager, Superhighways:

“Digital is no longer an add-on or optional to the way charities and community organisations are run. Digital technology is deeply embedded in how local people live their lives every day and how we as small organisations operate services that meet their needs.

Board members and CEOs face some tough decisions. Resources are tight and it’s hard to know what to prioritise or how best to make strategic choices when digital isn’t your day job. Superhighways will bring their breadth and depth of expertise in both the small charity sector and digital technology to help local leaders make sound steps towards digitally enabled social impact”.


Margaret Cooney, Director, London Plus:

“Like any organisation in the twenty first century, small charities need to be able to succeed in digital, but the support on offer to help them do this has been limited and is often not pitched at the right level or aimed at the right people.

Superhighways take a pragmatic approach that starts by understanding need and then building confidence throughout an organisation. Our role is to support Superhighways to engage our networks in London, demystify some of the language around digital, gather case studies and share resources to help more small charities develop their digital skills”.


Janine Edwards, Head of Business Development at the FSI:

“At a time when small charities are facing complex challenges exploring and embracing digital solutions can help small charities to become more sustainable and reach more people, volunteers, funders and beneficiaries. The way we build digital skillsets and maximise the potential of digital tools is vital, the use of digital tools and ensuring charity staff have digital skillsets they need is vital.

The programme of training being launched by Superhighways gives small charity CEOs and Trustees the knowledge they will need to make important decisions about how their small charity embraces and maximises the use of digital in the future.”


Tom Watson, Business and Communications Lead, NAVCA:

“NAVCA’s own journey towards a digital first organisation has highlighted the huge opportunity that digital presents to charities and community organisations to achieve greater impact. It has also highlighted that there is still much to do to improve the knowledge and skills of CEO’s and Trustees so that charities can effectively harness the power of digital.

NAVCA are delighted to be working with Superhighways and partners on the Digital Leadership programme. We will be bringing our own knowledge and experience to the partnership, and sharing the resources across England through our network of place-based support organisations, so that more small charities can learn and benefit from this vital programme”.


CEOs and trustees can express their interest in receiving Digital Leadership 101 training for their network or board and ask for specific one-to-one advice.



Notes to editors:

Superhighways offers advice, training and IT support to help small charities and community organisations across London be more effective, raise their profile and demonstrate their impact using digital technology. Superhighways is the only non-profit in London focused solely on the use of digital technology in community organisations in London’s local civil society. It is part of the charity Kingston Voluntary Action.

London Plus is the new hub for civil society support in London. A small team of 5, they support London’s Volunteer Centres and other volunteer brokerage agencies, facilitate the London CVS Network with a current focus on data and intelligence, employment and skills.

NAVCA is the only national membership body for local voluntary sector support and development organisations in England.  Their almost 200 member organisations support over 145,000 local charities and voluntary groups across England

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is a membership organisation which builds and shares knowledge, to elevate the voice of small charities with policy makers and the public, and builds leadership in small charities and supports them to raise vital funds to meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

Find out more about the DCMS funding.