Helping people get online. It’s life-changing

Being online is brilliant for keeping in touch with family, finding work, learning a new language and saving money and time through online shopping, banking and more. We guarantee to show our learners something they will enjoy and make use of in their daily lives.

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Connecting communities. Partnerships work

Our team can work with yours to help local people gain the confidence they need to get online. Just as every learner is different, so is every project we run with our partners. In recent months we have worked with a number of different partners.

We are also a member of the Online Centres Network, and cover topics such as:

  • internet connectivity and email set up
  • how to complete an online form
  • hunting for jobs online and preparing for interviews
  • exploring health issues
  • taking up new hobbies
Superhighways team in GoOnline Week

Online basics. Hear from our learners

From complete beginners to someone who is just a bit rusty on their skills, we've helped local people gain the confidence to get online.

Some of our learners have never switched on a computer. Others want to share their photos and Zoom with family and friends.

Overcoming the fear of getting it wrong or being unsafe is the first step to accessing the benefits of being online.

Get your community connected

If the people you support need a bit of extra help to learn basic online skills and make the most of the internet please get in touch. We can work with your organisation to put together a funding bid, plan an interactive training programme and deliver it on your doorstep.


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