Thank you for joining Superhighways for our fifth annual Impact Aloud event to find out how to boost your data collection, better evaluate what works in your charity or community group and tell your amazing stories using the best in digital technology.  

Here are the presentations from the day. 

There were also a range of demos of Carto, Power BI and a new SMS platform for the charity sector. Superhighways aims to arrange similar demos and data hack days over the coming months. Please sign up for our e-news or keep an eye on our training webpages for information.


Plenary: 7 things you need to know about the Charity Digital Code of Practice - Zoe Amar Digital

 7 things to know first slideWe also shared the 6 Takeaways for Small Charities from the Charity Digital Code.


Storytelling for impact - Janine Edwards, The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI)

Storytelling first slide


Data essentials - Hannah Goulding, GLA and Natasha Codiroli Mcmaster, London Plus 

Data essentials first slide


7 steps to plan your impact measurement, Matt Kepple, Makerble Impact Hub

Presentation first slide


Instagram for charities - James Armstrong, Montfort

Instagram first slide 

Reframing poverty: four ways to create change - Tamsyn Hyatt, Frameworks Institute 

Reframing poverty first slide


Data visualisation: what’s it all about? - Katy Murray, New Philanthropy Capital

Data vis


Smartphone Photography 101 - Lee Townsend Photography / Lenses of Croydon

Photography 101 first slide


Advanced digital marketing, Matt Moorut, Tech Trust

Advanced marketing first slide 

Matt also suggested two further resources based on questions from the audience:

  1. CRM comparison
  2. Digital fundraising platforms


Creative and collaborative: a review of film production research - Tot Foster, Open University

A pre-lunch lightning talk with top tips for creating films in small charities and community organisations. 

Creative and collaborative first slide 


London Datastore -  Hannah Goulding, Greater London Authority

A pre-lunch lightning talk and demo of data sets available to help you understand the city and develop solution's to London's problems. 

London datastore website home page image


Digital service design - Tori Ellaway and Vala Petursdottir, CAST

Digital service design first slide 

(CAST) is running a series of free practical half-day workshops introducing tech and digital design processes and helping you unpack a key organisational challenge with follow up support. The next London date is 22 November. 


Online fundraising: reaching new audiences online, Conor Kelly Localgiving 

Reaching new audiences first slide 


Interviewing for video or audio - Tot Foster, Open University

Interviewing for audio and video first slide



How AI techniques can support improved outcomes for clients of a Yorkshire foodbank - Tracey Gyateng, DataKind UK and Andrew Tomlinson, The Welcome Centre

AI techniques first slide 

 If you're interested in further support or training on any of the sessions you attended or have read above, please let us know.